Embrace the suck

"Ms. Rhonda, you've got to embrace the suck and find the workaround." Sage advice from Major Kim to the new career readiness counselor assisting soldiers with finding civilian employment. I quickly found these words apply directly to career transitions. Job search is neither comfortable nor easy for most people. Frankly, much about it "sucks." Regardless of how many "how-to" books you've read and "easy steps" videos you look at, the process can be daunting. What may work for

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs from receiving resumes to hiring employees. There are several available to employers and recruiters. ATS is very similar to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but are designed for recruitment. A critical aspect of ATS is Résumé parsing. Also known as CV parsing, résumé extraction, or CV extraction, it allows for the automated extraction, storage a