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Embrace the suck

"Ms. Rhonda, you've got to embrace the suck and find the workaround." Sage advice from Major Kim to the new career readiness counselor assisting soldiers with finding civilian employment. I quickly found these words apply directly to career transitions.

Embrace the suck
"This sucks" expresses frustration, annoyance, and disappointment.

Job search is neither comfortable nor easy for most people. Frankly, much about it "sucks." Regardless of how many "how-to" books you've read and "easy steps" videos you look at, the process can be daunting. What may work for one person in one industry may not work for another. A good starting point for all is self-analysis and self-inventory. Pause, reflect, and take stock.

Do you need to accept some things?

Are there changes you need to make?

What choices do you get to make? Are they consistent with your beliefs and values?

Do you need to change some beliefs?

It is easy to shut down when we have to consider these things. A pause for self-reflection is necessary to determine actions to move forward or find "the workaround" that will suit your circumstances, context, and timing. This process is most productive when one is willing to "embrace uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure," as noted by Amy Andrews McMaster.

"It's choosing courage, even when it's hard and uncomfortable."

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