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What Top Voices Are You Following? How Sharing Your Influences Supports Your Career Brand

In today's digital age, showcasing the thought leaders who inspire you is more than just an opportunity for personal growth; it's a strategic move that adds depth to your personal brand. Letting others know the top voices you follow is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to your career goals, values, and expertise. This is particularly relevant for first —and second-generation immigrants striving for professional success in fields such as beauty, fashion, technology, financial education, higher education, and beyond.

At AdnohrDocs, we believe that sharing your influences can strengthen your credibility and make you stand out in job searches or conversations with potential clients. Here's how.

1. How Sharing Thought Leaders Benefits Your Brand

Builds Credibility and Trust:

Show Expertise: Highlighting the top voices you follow signals that you're well-informed and proactive in your field.

Validate Claims: If you claim to value sustainability, mentioning that you follow climate change leaders proves that it's more than just talk.

Reinforces Your Values:

Align Your Mission: If you follow personal branding experts like Marie Forleo, it underlines your commitment to self-improvement.

Diversity & Inclusion: Sharing thought leaders like Minda Harts shows your dedication to workplace diversity.

Strengthens Your Narrative:

Tells Your Story: Curating voices that align with your journey helps shape a clear and compelling career narrative.

Supports Your Goals: If you're transitioning into tech, mentioning tech influencers shows your focus on this goal.

2. Top Voices to Follow and Share

Here are some influential voices across various fields.

Beauty & Fashion:

Huda Kattan: Founder of Huda Beauty, she inspires with her journey from makeup artist to beauty mogul.

Tan France: The "Queer Eye" fashion expert, he blends style advice with self-love and empowerment.


Guy Kawasaki: Chief evangelist at Canva, offering insights into tech trends and branding.

Sheryl Sandberg: COO of Facebook, she provides actionable advice on leadership in tech.

Conservation & Climate Change:

Greta Thunberg: Her climate activism resonates with sustainability-focused professionals.

Al Gore: Former Vice President and climate change advocate, providing a strategic perspective.

Financial Education:

Ramona Ortega: Founder of My Money My Future, empowering marginalized communities to build wealth.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox: The Money Coach specializes in debt management and financial freedom.

Higher Education:

Dr. Terrell Strayhorn: A leading scholar on college student success and equity in higher education.

Michelle Obama: Her "Reach Higher" initiative inspires students to pursue higher education.

Diversity & Inclusion:

Minda Harts: Author of "The Memo," advocating for women of color in the workplace.

Joey Price: An HR influencer providing practical career advice, especially on diversity and inclusion.

Pop Culture:

Trevor Noah: As a comedian and "The Daily Show" host, he blends humor with social commentary.

Lilly Singh: Her journey from YouTuber to talk show host showcases the power of persistence.

Personal Branding:

Marie Forleo: An expert in building meaningful careers and helping professionals find their unique voice.

Heather Monahan: Focuses on confidence, personal branding, and career empowerment.

Nutrition & Vegan Lifestyle:

Tabitha Brown: A social media star and advocate for veganism with an infectious positivity.

Rich Roll: An ultra-endurance athlete promoting plant-based nutrition.

3. How to Leverage Thought Leaders to Support Your Career Claims

1. Curate and Share Content: Regularly share valuable insights from top voices on LinkedIn or other platforms, adding your commentary to showcase your perspective.

2. Reference Them in Conversations: In interviews or client meetings, mention how specific insights from these leaders have influenced your thinking or strategy.

3. Engage Authentically: Like, comment, and share their posts to start meaningful conversations that showcase your knowledge and dedication.

4. Create Thought Leadership Posts: Write posts or articles that synthesize insights from your favorite voices, reinforcing your personal brand as someone who values continuous learning.

Your career brand is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. By sharing the top voices you follow, you demonstrate your commitment to your values, goals, and the promises you make to clients and employers. At AdnohrDocs, we encourage you to align yourself with thought leaders who resonate with your mission and share their wisdom to inspire others on their journey.

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