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5 Tips for Immigrants: Asking for LinkedIn Recommendations

Tips for 1st-and 2nd-generation immigrants when asking for LinkedIn recommendations:

🌟Build strong relationships with your colleagues, supervisors, and clients to establish trust and a good reputation.

🌟Highlight your cultural competencies on your profile and ask your recommender to highlight them in the recommendation.

🌟Be specific about what you're looking for in the recommendation, such as highlighting specific skills, experiences, or accomplishments relevant to your target role or industry.

🌟Consider translating your accomplishments and responsibilities into English if you have worked in a non-English speaking country.

🌟Show gratitude by thanking your recommender and considering reciprocating with a recommendation or endorsement.

Before requesting a LinkedIn recommendation, there are a few things you should consider:

🌟Who to ask: Consider which connections you have worked closely with and who you believe could provide a thoughtful and positive recommendation--colleagues, supervisors, clients, or others who can speak to your strengths and work performance.

🌟Timing: You don't want to ask for a recommendation right after completing a project, as your connection may need some time to reflect on your performance. However, you also don't want to wait too long, as your relationship may not remember the details of your work as clearly.

🌟Context: Consider providing context when requesting a recommendation, such as why you are asking for a recommendation, what specific skills or qualities you would like them to highlight, and how their recommendation will be helpful for your professional goals.

🌟Personalize: Avoid sending generic requests and personalize your message to each individual. Mention specific projects or experiences you worked on to help jog their memory and make your request more personal.

🌟Give thanks: After receiving a recommendation, thank your connection for taking the time to write it.

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